Whether you want to become a full-time driver or part-time driver, Sealine Taxis has something for you. If you choose to drive with us, you will be self-employed and earn a commission from the jobs you complete, putting you in control of how much you earn and when you drive.

You are at the Heart of Our Service

If you choose to join Sealine Taxis, you will be given the opportunity to help drive our service forward. We believe that our drivers are the backbone of our service. Of course, our clients are everything to us but without experienced, valued and respectable drivers, we would not be able to deliver our service effectively.

Work when it Suits You

If you are looking for a flexible and adaptable way to work, Sealine Taxis can offer it to you. We make it possible for you to drive for us when it suits you. You can drive throughout the day or the night and you can drive as many hours per day or week as you desire. This enables you to balance your work with your life.

Earn what you want

Every fare begins with a base amount but as you choose your fares, you can then begin to increase the distance and time it takes. This means that you can take control of how much you earn and when you earn it.

Part-time and full-time drivers

Driving for Sealine Taxis has never been so easy. As a part-time or full-time driver, you will have access to our company vehicles where you will earn a commission for each job completed.

This is an opportunity for you to join a growing company that is leading from the front when it comes to offering a first-class taxi service. If you believe that you can enhance our business and provide our customers with our professional service, we would love to hear from you.


Drive for us

Whether you are a Private Hire Driver or a Hackney Carriage Driver, you can drive for us. We believe that you have what it takes to continue in providing our clients with the service that they expect.



To drive for Sealine Taxis, you will have to meet the following requirements:

  • Full UK drivers License with not more than 3 points
  • Drivers Hackney Carriage Badge (Both Photocard and Paper part)
  • National Insurance Number OR DVLA Check Code
  • Proof of address. (utility bill Not more than two months old)
  • Passport (Proof of eligibility to work in the UK OR Birth Certificate).

Owner Drivers

If you own your own, fully-licensed vehicle, you can become a part of our exciting taxi service. You will have the freedom to work when you want while helping to contribute to our new and exciting service.

To drive for us, using your own vehicle, you will have the option of either paying a weekly subscription or by receiving a lower rate of commission. This gives you the option to decide what works best for you, giving you complete control.


Drive for us

If you own your own vehicle and are either Hackney Carriage Licensed or a Private Hire Driver, we would love to work with you. We are always looking for experienced drivers with an eye for delivering a reliable and professional service.



  • To drive for Sealine Taxis, you will have to meet the following requirements:
  • Full UK Drivers’ License
  • National Insurance Number OR DVLA License Check Code.
  • Hackney Carriage Badge (Photocard and Paper part issued by Swale Borough Council
  • Vehicle License (paper part issued by SBC)

If you don’t have a Hackney Carriage Badge and are interested in becoming a licensed taxi driver in Swale, please find more information at: