Driver Centric

When you choose Sealine Taxis, you can rest assured that you’re booking with a firm that employs some of the best and most experienced drivers in the Sittingbourne, Swale Borough region and a round Kent. All of our drivers are known for their friendliness, their professionalism and willingness to go the extra mile to deliver extra customer satisfaction. With excellent knowledge of the local roads and years of experience to draw upon, our drivers are one of the main reasons so many residential and business customers are choosing Sealine Taxis over the competition.

Fully-Trained Drivers
At Sealine Taxis, we are here to get you there in comfort and style. Our drivers use the latest satellite navigation systems to ensure getting lost on the rods of Kent and Swale Borough is never an issue and are always happy to help you with any luggage that you may be transporting with you. We constantly invest in training to ensure our drivers remain at the forefront of the market, and our rigorous recruitment processes and checks mean that we only ever cherry pick the very best drivers on the local market.
Ride Sealine Taxis UK
Get there in style
We are here to get you from A to B in style whether you need transport for the school run, for a big night out, a business trip, a big event, shopping, a hospital appointment or anything else. You are welcome to contact us at any point if you do have any special requirements and can count on us to do our very best to accommodate them. All drivers are advance DBS checked and fully-licenced, regularly receiving training in-house and from leading providers.
Flexible – Dependable
Get in touch today if you need to book a taxi or airport transfer for today or in the near future. We are confident that we can meet and even beat your expectations whilst taking the stress out of getting around the Swale Borough and beyond. What’s more is that we have even introduced a brand-new app and dispatch system to make the process of booking and tracking your cab even easier. At Sealine Taxis, we specialise in making travel around Sittingbourne, surrounding areas and further afield a breeze.
Ride Smart
We are not your average taxi company because we offer the smartest way to get around. Using our Ride App, you can book your taxi in just one tap, regardless of where you are.
Simple Payment Options
You are in control of how you choose to pay. You can either pay by cash, PayPal or pay the fee via the app – a great way of getting around, especially if you do not have money on you.
You Rate, We Deliver
Our app enables you to rate your driver and the service. This enables us to ensure that our service is always adapting and listening to the feedback from our clients.
Our Services

We pride ourselves on our ability to adapt to the ever-changing needs of our clients. Whether you require our service for business or residential use, we always ensure that we maintain the highest of standards and a service that you can trust. We cover Swale Borough, Kent, Sittingbourne and other surrounding areas. Our fleet of vehicles enables us to meet your specific needs and offer the following:

Airport Transfers – Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, we can take you to the airport on time and pick you up on time. We monitor live flight information to ensure that we are there, waiting for you when you arrive. Regardless of the airport you are travelling from, we are here for you.

Nights Out – When you have a night out arranged, Sealine Taxis can help your plans go smoothly. We can manage individual passengers, large groups and we can drop you off and pick you up at the agreed times, leaving you to enjoy your night out.

Hospital Appointments – We appreciate the importance of arriving on time at your hospital or GP appointment. When you book your transport with us, we will make sure that you arrive on time and in comfort.

School Runs – Our taxi service covers school runs across the Swale Borough. We appreciate the importance of ensuring your child arrives at school on time and safely.

Short and Long Runs –Whether you are heading to your local supermarket to pick up supplies or taking a long journey to another city, Sealine Taxis can help. We will help you to travel in comfort and style and at a rate that is highly competitive.

Parcel Deliveries and Pick-ups – Sometimes you need to pick your parcel up quickly or you need your recipient to receive theirs by a certain time. This is not a problem for Sealine Taxis. We are on hand to fulfil your parcel requirements, whatever they may be.

The Rider App

Making the most of our service could not be easier. Our app is intuitive and simple to use, enabling you to book your taxi in just a few taps. It really is as easy as:

Register and login – Download the app, register and log in

Set up Auto payment – Add your payment details into the app making it easier for you to pay for your trips. We use Stripe to process payments and the app is PCI Compliant.

Track Drivers – You can track the availability of drivers and choose your pickup location once you log in.

Pickup Location – You can choose your location, using Google Maps enabling our drivers to know exactly where you are.

Select Cab Type – It is possible to choose the type of cab you require based on your needs. You can also find out further details here such as the price per Kilometre or the price per minute for each type of vehicle.

Airport Transfers – Choosing cabs for the nearest airport is simple as destinations are predefined, along with fares.

Hourly Booking – Should you need to book a cab on an hourly basis, the app allows you to do that by selecting fixed Kilometres/Miles and the No. of hours required.

Fare Calculator – The app ensures you are informed of the cost. When you input your destination, you will be provided with a price for that journey.

Live Tracking – Once you have made your cab booking, you can track the cab from its starting point and throughout its journey on its way to you.

Automatic Payment – Once the journey has completed, the app will take the payment based on the cost of the journey. You will then receive an invoice by email and to the app.

Review and Rate – We love customer feedback. Therefore, you can easily rate our drivers and provide a written review of the journey.

Add payment – At any time, you can add additional cards or if you choose, you can pay by cash.

Booking History – It is possible to look at the booking history through the app itself.

Your Safety Comes First

We are fully aware of the importance of safety. All of our vehicles are regularly maintained to ensure that they are fit for purpose. A DBS check is carried out on every driver to ensure they have a clean record and we ensure that they have received the correct level of training. We take your safety extremely safety and so, we put all measures in place to ensure that you have a safe and secure experience when you use our service.


  • All our drivers are properly vetted and licensed.
  • Daily safety checks are carried out on all our vehicles to ensure that they are safe and roadworthy.
  • All our vehicles are fitted with CCTV and are tracked 24/7 so dispatch is always aware of the location of all our vehicles.
  • If you are using our app, you can let us know of any incidences using the SOS button on the app.