Whether you want to become a full-time driver or part-time driver, Sealine Taxis has something for you. If you choose to drive with us, you will be self-employed and earn a commission from the jobs you complete, putting you in control of how much you earn and when you drive.

If you choose to join Sealine Taxis, you will be given the opportunity to help drive our service forward. We believe that our drivers are the backbone of our service. Of course, our clients are everything to us but without experienced, valued and respectable drivers, we would not be able to deliver our service effectively.

If you are looking for a flexible and adaptable way to work, Sealine Taxis can offer it to you. We make it possible for you to drive for us when it suits you. You can drive throughout the day or the night and you can drive as many hours per day or week as you desire. This enables you to balance your work with your life.

Every fare begins with a base amount but as you choose your fares, you can then begin to increase the distance and time it takes. This means that you can take control of how much you earn and when you earn it.

About the app

An App Designed for you

Our App has been designed to make driving for Sealing Taxis as simple as possible. The app brings together everything you need to seek out fares, manage your jobs, total up your income and give your directions to your next job. All of this helps you to earn more from working with Sealine Taxis.


The Driver App

Drivers are given access to the app and this is where you can register and login. Your account will have to go through an approval process but once it has been approved, you are ready to go.

You will be given just one minute to accept or reject all booking request. You will be provided with all relevant information such as the pick-up location and the distance from your current location. You will also be presented with the distance between the pickup and drop off points.

You can update the passenger when the booking has been accepted or rejected. They will also be informed when you arrive at the pickup point as well as dropped the passenger off, all through the use of Google Maps.

You will have the ability to track all previous bookings and identify their status.

You can easily track and manage your earnings by Week or Month. You will also be able to identify how the amount is made up of cash and card payments.

Admin will assign daily targets. Here you will be able to view how you are performing in line with those targets.


You’re in the driver’s seat. So reward yourself with discounts on fuel, vehicle maintenance, cell phone bills, and more. Reduce your daily expenses and take home extra cash.


Know you’re ready to hit the road. Whether you’re driving your own car or a commercially-licensed vehicle, you must meet the minimum requirements and complete a safety screening online.


When you drive with Sealine Taxis, you get 24/7 driver support and insurance coverage. And all riders are verified with their personal information and phone number, so you’ll know who you’re picking up and so will we.

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